#MM :: Knife Party | 100% No Modern Talking EP

We’ve been waiting for months for the EP of 100% No Modern Talking from our boys Knife Party. Being released today…. FO FREE, the anticipation for this EP has caused Facebook to literally BLOCK Knife Party…. wonder if it has anything to do with Internet Friends’ “you blocked me on Facebook” Luckily, Soundcloud loves Knife Party so much that they don’t block them from providing amazing music to their fans. Composed of Pendulum’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, the Australian dubsteppin’ duo has had one hell of a year. After the successful track Antidote with Swedish House Mafia, and the various remixes of Porter Robinson’s Unison, Nero’s Crush on You, and one of the biggest tracks of the year with SHM’s Save the World, there is no doubt that Knife Party is going to only get bigger in 2012. So check out the 100% No Modern Talking EP and there is NO EXCUSE why this one isn’t in your iTunes!


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