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What was once one of the biggest underground movements in the world, is now one of the biggest music genres around. You hear it on commercials, on the radio, and in movie trailers. Now, one of the biggest names in Dubstep, Rusko, has released his newest album Songs today. Having already hit it huge with producing tracks for Britney Spears and Adele, Songs  is the follow-up to his first full length album O.M.G.

Hailing from Wheldrake, England, Rusko got his first massive international hit with Cockney Thug. Since then, Rusko has been a household name in the world of Dubstep. With the new album, Rusko perfected it so that you can listen to it while laying by the pool or getting ready for a night out on the town. The album brings together bass beats of dub, drum & bass and reggae while also incorporating a lot of Dance and House elements, turning this into a one-of-a-kind album. With tracks like “Pressure,” “Be Free,” and “Dirty Sexy” the incorporated EDM themes in the songs stand out more than the heavy bass line. The reggae influenced “Mek More Green” and “Be Free” bring you into a whirlwind of slow beats and great vocals that make you imagine you are sitting on a beach in Jamaica.

Everything that Rusko did on this album feels as if it was meticulously planned and calculated. Every sounds, sample, vocal placement, bass beat, even the sound of chips being eaten in “Roll Da Beats” in well placed and wonderfully designed. And the vocals for each track are absolutely amazing. Whether it is something small and simple or throughout the whole song, Rusko got the perfect vocalists, the perfect sound, and the perfect tracks to make up a great album. The album just got released today off of Mad Decent and is for sale on iTunes for $7.99, and I suggest everyone goes out and get a copy of it. <3 Matty G

Sabrina Riccio

Sabrina Riccio

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Sabrina Riccio


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