Gareth Emery | Meet Her In Miami

 Meet her in Miami

After his explosive #EmeryEastWest tour where Gareth Emery photo documented his epic road trip across this great country, Gareth is finally here to deliver some music as we gear up for the upcoming Miami Music Week. Released on Garuda, Meet Her in Miami is a Progressive House set that touches some of this Trance 2.0 we’ve been seeing recently in the music sphere and brings us back to 1997 with Da Hool’s Meet Her at the Loveparade. While some may argue that Gareth has ripped off this one, we have to remember that in this business, samples are used all the time from classic tracks, and Gareth has given this classic a new life. In a matter of a few minutes of posting this link on Twitter, we noticed that the Soundcloud sphere wasn’t very happy with Gareth, so Mr. Emery wanted to set the record straight.


“OK… so I initially made this cover version of Da Hool’s classic ‘meet her at the love parade’ for my own sets, as it was always one of my favourite classics and I felt it needed an update.
Didn’t initially plan on releasing it but the reactions live were great and lots of people asked about it, so I decided to stick it out there with a new name for no other reason than Miami is coming up and I am looking forward to it.
This is not Concrete Angel nor is it supposed it be, it’s a party track which is a bit of a fun whilst I am working on my new album. Gaz”


Well Mr. Emery, we still love this track or else we wouldn’t share it on our site. Enjoy via Soundcloud lovers until the official release February 18th.


Sabrina Riccio

Sabrina Riccio

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Sabrina Riccio

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