Coeur De Pirate | Comme Des Enfants :: Counterfeit Remix


RUN DAT TRAP! Here we didn’t think trap could get sexy, but we’ve been fooled. LA has a new producer to keep their eyes and ears open. Coming across Counterfeit’s remix of Coeur De Pirate’s Comme Des Enfants blew us away. Now this isn’t your average thug nasty Trap track… See this as a melodic, chill, and beautiful trap rendition that just makes you want to groove to the bass. Unlike the average Trap track, Counterfeit has brought an original sound where you can actually let the music speak to you and hear the natural beauty behind the track and I mean who doesn’t love the sound of a French tongue? As this is Counterfeit’s first release, we can only imagine what’s in store from this creative mind. Grab this free download and get down this Valentine’s Day.

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