Daughter | Medicine :: The Chainsmokers Remix


While I didn’t think any new remix of The Chainsmokers could replace my favorite rendition they beautifully created of Jonsi’s Around Us, it’s safe to say I was proved wrong. Besides the fact that I am ever so in love with these gentlemen, their newest remix of Daughter’s Medicine brought me some reassurance that I am madly in love with these two. If there was a way to make love to their music, I would. Mastering the indie meets electronic flare, Medicine is the definition of euphoria and sweet tenderness. This is by far one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever encountered and it looks like I’ve found my newest track I can play over and over again and it can never get old. 


Sabrina Riccio

Sabrina Riccio

f o u n d e r .   s p i r i t u a l   s e e k e r .   d a n c i n g   q u e e n .
Passionate for music, yoga, dancing, and wellness. Music saved my life and for that, I dedicate everything to it. There's nothing like experiencing a live production and allowing the music to speak to the core of your very soul as you dance the night away. Currently Listening to :: Kaskade, Above & Beyond, Disclosure, Funkagenda, The Chainsmokers, BANKS "The world outside you will let you in to share the beauty you hold within. Just keep going, everyday. The silver lining is on its way."-Kaskade
Sabrina Riccio


shamanessa goddessa | life coach | bohemian gypsy | hopeless romantic striving for ☮ | hippie who dances like no one is watching | ૐ ♊ ✝ ⚓ ☮ | @peaceloveedm
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Sabrina Riccio

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